Our History

How did we become Pleasant Valley United Methodist Church?

Very little is actually known about the earliest beginnings of Pleasant Valley Methodist Episcopal Church. Local legend has the beginnings of the church in a brush arbor in the late 1830’s or early 1840’s. The history written in the 1970’s even goes so far as to suggest that this brush arbor lead to the name Pleasant Valley when it says, “They thought it was a cool pleasant place, and decided to give it a name. So they named it “Pleasant Valley”. That is where the name of this community and this church originated.”


But ultimately it all began back in the early 1800’s with the idea of livin gin community with other Christ followers; encouraging and growing together while serving Christ.

Our church is located in an area south of Monroe where rich soil grew abundant crops. There is still rich soil here that offers a place where grace, hope, and unconditional love can grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.